Memories and dreams
Published 3 years ago
Some of my childhood memories and dreams

Apples and snails

When I was little, I used to go to the riverbank with my parents to eat apples and catch some snails.


This and the other models were made on blender.
This one i wanted to make it with a low poly style, this is one of my oldest (and dearest) memories, so it's a bit fuzzy, I only remember the essential, the feeling of happiness and that's why this one has only de essential.

Planetarium for one

Another memory from my childhood is when my parents gave me a red toy telescope, I was obsessed with the space! sadly, all I could barely see was the neighborhood.

Here i illustrate one of my dreams, a lot of books about the space and see the stars like they were around me.

The library

Before entering kindergarten, I attended a summer workshop in my town's library, since then i've always dreamed with my own library at home.
This one is more like a mix of what i've dream and what i got right now at my home.


  • Photoshop CC 2018
  • Blender
  • Unity 2017

I´m still a student and this is my first time in a contest.
C&C are welcome. Thank you!
Yesenia Sibaja S.
Honey B. for friends - Student
Sean Smith
3 years ago
Just graduated
Love the hybrid low poly and higher poly modeling!