Published 3 years ago
Stuff from some years ago
The first memory features the way I used to imagine my dad when he told me that in his college years he used to climb mountains and make long walks, when I was about 5yo, I used to imagine him alone versus nature in snowy mountains improvising campfires on his unstoppable way to the top of the highest peak.

Now, this one doesn't really have much to do with fishing. What I represented here is what I used to imagine in that time. When I was about 8yo my father took me out fishing. The place was a calm lake with some trees, but there was a building resembling a castle in the opposite side, I used to imagine that it was the home of some evil misterious person who spends his days looking at the people that went to catch fish, and probably capturing and eating some of them.
When I was in middle school I started to get into pc's and tech stuff in general and I had the dream of one day transform my room into a perfect digital art studio full of encyclopedias, videogames and a powerful pc. I didn't achieve my goal but I got a good pc and a pretty room, so I'm happy with that.
Eric Sosa Sánchez