Published 3 years ago
My memories
My memories are pretty common to have, since I am still very young and haven´t seen much of life yet. But still, I always think of them as fond memories and parts of my life I will never forget, they made me see the world in a new light, and made my days happier little by little.
My first memory is the room where I went to eat with my mother every year on my birthday. She used to take me to this simple japanese restaurant close to her work, and we always ordered the same. Each birthday until I was 12 we went there and the same old lady recieved us with a smile on her face. Now, the store has closed, but everytime I pass in front I remember it with warmth.
My second memory, is the first time I went camping. It was a small trip with only my parents, my grandparents and me. I was kinda scared but being around my family made me feel secure and they even let me hang out with them while I read some stories on the campfire.
My third memory is the first time travelling overseas. I went to a boarding school for a month to the UK, it was a gist form my parents for my fifteenth birthday. Going to school may not sound like a present for some people, but I loved it, I got to meet a lot of people from different countries and I was truly independent beacause I went alone. (with my cousin lol) The buildings I made are very similar to the dorms we stayed at in the boarding school.