MegaSplat allows you to paint up to 256 textures onto Unity Terrains or Meshes, using PBR shaders and height based blending between surfaces. It features a consistent per-pixel cost which is cheaper than a traditional 4 texture splat map shader. MegaSplat's uses a special shader generator to generate an optimized shader with the features you want, featuring support for triplanar texturing, flow mapping, parallax, macro texturing, detail texturing, and multi-layer texturing where you can paint more than one 256 texture layer and blend between them. MegaSplat includes the most robust Vertex Painting package on the Asset Store for painting Meshes, with features such as painting directional flow maps, AO and light baking, and more. It also includes a Terrain Painting package for working with Unity terrains, as well as utilities for quickly texturing terrains from existing guide images, getting information about which texture is being hit or raycasted at runtime, and more. MegaSplat's features a custom procedural brushing system, allowing you to paint multiple textures, chosen by noise functions, angle, or height. This allows you to easily defeat tiling patterns by using multiple variations of a texture. MegaSplat also includes 60 high quality PBR textures to get you started, and is being actively developed with new features. MegaSplat includes nodes for the Amplify Shader Editor, allowing you to use the 256 texture splat map technique on your own shaders! Break free of the 4-8 texture limit and let your imagination run wild!
Jason Booth