Meet the rebels
Published 3 years ago
The studio is home to well over 300 game-making professionals from all over the globe. We speak many different languages but share one love—games.
Be it through the unique atmosphere of the work environment we create or the fresh approach to the projects we’re involved in, CD PROJEKT RED is a place that escapes the confines of corporate-style game development. With a flat approach to project management, we offer you what others cannot—an opportunity to make games you’d like to play and the freedom to express yourself by creating what you love.
What makes us different:
You’re not a cog in a corporate machine—we treat you like a person, not an asset.
You actually know the Head of the studio, because management and team leads are not barred up in a conference room somewhere—they’re right there with you making the next big thing.
Our HR department is here to make you feel comfortable and handle stuff like paperwork for you so you can focus on what you love most: making games.
We talk to each other and create a family-like atmosphere.
We’re flexible in terms of working hours.

We spend time together, play together and inspire each other to go redefine the standards of game-making the next day. Be it our end-of-the-month parties here in the company or a multitude of other events, the atmosphere we create is truly unique. Come join the fun!