Media Internship
As a media intern my job was to create content in the SMITE and Paladins community that reaches as many fans as possible. I started this position through the internship program at my High school. Though this wasn’t an official intern position I have been working under and reporting to Hi-Rez media employees and the director of marketing. This position has greatly helped me learn a lot about the SMITE and Paladins community and the workflows for creating 3D models for games. While in this position I have been creating 3D models based on concept sketches of new skin ideas and shared those with the communities. Since the work I’m doing in this position is in the field I plan to make my career in the experience I gain will be very useful not just now but in the future. Through practice making models that could be added to SMITE and Paladins I’ve learned a lot about the art styles used and modeling techniques for PBR. I’ve also become more familiar with hard surface modeling, hand painting textures, and even began using new softwares such as those in the Quixel Suite and Substance.
Eric Sewell
3D artist - Artist