MK - Arthur Maugendre - Neon Challenge Final Submission
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MK - Arthur Maugendre - Neon Challenge Final Submission


My name is Arthur, I’m drawing since I’m 3 and I’ve discovered video games at 6 with Donkey Kong Country on SNES. Later I’ve decided to turn my two passions, arts and games into one and naturally turn myself to CG Art. I practice 3D art for 10 years and I’m using Unity since the version 3 so I’m pretty comfortable with the software and I took the neon challenge to try out the last tools, Cinemachine and Timeline and to push my skill in video realisation.


I was always a fan of mecha design like the Gundam series or Titanfall games, so when I saw that the subject of the challenge was advances technology I immediately want to make something about it.
I took my inspiration mainly on Pacific Rim and Titanfall games.
My goal was to try different things with the cinemachine and timeline and showcase a wide range of possibilities allowed especially for the editing and use the last rendering tools to get the best visuals out of Unity.
I know some people who's afraid to use real time rendering engine because they think It will give a “video game look” of their project, so I’ve decided to push the project in a more cinematographic look.
The project in general was also drived by the assets I’ve selected from the stores, especially by the music who have a big impact on the editing and the rhythm of the video.

Production Process

At first I’ve started to look for assets on the Asset Store that fit the mood I have in mind for the project. As the challenge was planned to last one month I’ve decided to mainly relay on premade asset. Hopefully there was everything I need in the store, I found many models for the sci-fi environment I’ve had to do, I found also many FX packages and tools that fitted my needs. The only custom asset I designed are the troopers, I made years ago and never used before.
When I’ve selected environment assets that fitted my needs,I started the level design and storyboard. I’ve imported all the packages in my project and started to build a scene to define my camera shots and precise my script. With that first step I was able to make a storyboard right into Unity and I was able to modify the level design as I wish in real time and have feedback immediately on what was working and what wasn’t.
On this basis I decided to add FX and simple animations to make the environment more alive. I’ve started to add the drones going here and there in the complex. I’ve also added the fog, the dust in the courtyard, the sparks on the mecha etc… For this task the Unity particle pack were very usefull with all the effects available, and the possibilities of the Shuriken particle system.

After that I was finally able to add specific animations like the characters walking in the corridors and refine the camera paths and framings with the Cinemachine tools. Here I used various tools of Cinemachine like dolly camera, and follow features to make smooth camera moves and set precise framings.
Finally, I’ve just have to render a preview of the video to check the final details and problems in animation. Fortunately, I was still in real time engine so it was quick to render preview even with the final look and fix the final things in the editor, I was able to adjust the paths of camera, the timing of the animations, the start and stop of the dolly… all of this after I’ve seen the video in the final quality, so it’s the first time I haven’t had to cheat a bit in Post production to fix mistakes.
When I was happy with the animation, I taken the time to polish the rendering using the Post Processing Stack. I was able to add effects like high quality ambient occlusion, motion blur and reflections, and refine the color grading to achieve the cinematic look I was looking for.
In conclusion I was able to find everything I needed in the Asset Store for the production. Timeline really change the game to me and turn Unity into an editing software, something that allow to edit videos while animating it and easily find perfect timings and transition. Theirs also Cinemachine who automate a lot of the camera work, let me quickly plan framings and make smooth camera animations and transitions. At last the Post Processing Stack give me the post production tools and effects I need to polish the rendering of my video.
I was able to use Unity in all the phase of production as my main tool from design, to rendering, that's important cause it gave me the time to focus on the most important, the video production. I’m very enthusiastic about this 2017 version of Unity and I’ll look forward to the new tools and enhancement of the 2018 version.
Thanks to everyone, it was very fun to participate.

Assets, Tools, Plugins List

From the Asset Store :
Environments and props :
  • The Courtyard - Unity Technologies -
  • Corridor Lighting Example - Unity Technologies -
  • Sci-Fi Crate - SZYMON ŁUKASZUK -
  • Bridges 3D Basic Pack – FREETHEPLAYERONGAME -
Special Effects :
  • Unity Particle Pack - Unity Technologies -
  • Standard Assets Particles - Unity Technologies -
Tools :
  • Post Processing Stack - Unity Technologies -
  • Cinemachine - Unity Technologies -
  • Recorder - Unity Technologies -
From Sketchfab :
  • Meck M6K - Comrade1280 [FORGE3D] -
  • K07 Drone - KBM7 -
  • Sci-Fi Rifle v2 - nofaced3d -
From Community :
  • Curves and Splines - Jasper Flick (Catlike Coding) -
  • Volumetric Lights - Michal Skalsky (SlightlyMad) -
Animations :
  • Character Animations – Mixamo -
Music :
  • Ultra - Mattia Turzo & The Little Orchestra -

Work in Progress

Work In Progress Log #4
I'm nearly done with this project, here is a preview, I have to fix somme animations issues here and there but for now let me know what you think about it.

Work In Progress Log # 3
I've had a long break this week so I've worked on more environments, more animations and more lighting.

Work In Progress Log #2
This week I've started to add simple animations.

Work In Progress Log #1
Here's a first look at the scene I'll try to update this thread every week.
Arthur Maugendre
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Arthur Maugendre
2 years ago
Environment Artist
Hey ! Thanks guys I'm glad that you like it, good luck to everybody there's many good entries ;)
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Excellent work :) Good luck
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2 years ago
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Really great!
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Nice update :)