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Android; Gear VR
VR game where you are a robot that must repair a ship stranded in space and its pilot before time runs out. Made for Samsung Gear VR.
For this project, I worked on the player movement and its interactions with the ship.
The player can move forward by tapping and holding the vr touchpad and interact with the word by double tapping. The game also supports a controller and there is also a PC version, instructions on screen change accordingly.
For all interactions, from the player or different parts of the ship, I created an abstract class which encapsulates all and fires different callbacks accordingly. This made the puzzle creation more easy since I didn't have to create every single case for the game, it was more dragging and dropping elements through the scene. This made possible to turn on lights, change and start animations, show text and start all sort of events with scripts derived from this class. This game was made in 2017 so now I would probably use UnityEvents for the interaction system or maybe C# events, thus reducing the amount of scripts I needed, but the idea remains the same.
This was the first game I made which we made some playtests, for this I made a hidden timer that counted how much it took the player to complete any major event in the puzzle. This prove to be useful to reduce the play time to a minimum since our goal was a 5 minute experience. It ended around 10 minutes but at first it was almost 30 so it was still an improvement. I used the previous system for this timer.
Also the 3D artist didn't know about Unity so I worked with him to optimize as much as possible the models and materials so it could run on the device, the most important part was reducing draw calls by reducing materials and making texture atlases.
Omar Rodríguez Pérez
Computer Engineer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; Gear VR