Mean Girls: The Game
So Much Drama Studios created this game, based on Tina Fey’s 2004 classic movie Mean Girls. This “tiara defense” game rallies together eight characters from the film and all of the Cliques from the cafeteria to stop a new group of Plastics from reassembling the Spring Fling Tiara. The game is steeped in Mean Girls lore, featuring quiz elements to give fans of the movie an added boost, new comics and dialog, game play modes such as “She doesn’t even go here” and “You can’t sit with us,” and, of course, on Wednesdays, everyone in the game wears pink! “A Mean Girls tower defense game makes way more sense than you’d think… It’s like every day is October 3rd.” – “The Mean Girls game is here and it's brilliant” - Glamour UK “If you think that you would appreciate reveling in the majesty that is Mean Girls for your iPhone or iPad, So Much Drama does it better than anyone else could.” - Gizorama
Jeff Meador