Maze Of Magic
Published 5 months ago
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Escape an ever-changing labyrinth in this perplexing puzzler!
You are on a quest to find the Magic Scrolls, but they've been hidden by the evil sorcerer, Zordak! Enter his magical maze realm and dodge his wicked traps...but can you escape before the maze disappears forever?
In Maze of Magic, the world itself is an enemy that must be outwitted. Locate the magic scrolls, then return to the entrance before the time runs out. Outsmart and avoid traps to stay on course. Cast spells to help you in your journey. Race against the maze's ever-changing form, or be trapped for evermore.
With increasingly complex mazes to navigate, and progressively punishing traps with which to contend, Maze Of Magic invites players to combine pace and precision in a tense, entertaining puzzle adventure!
Stuart Palmer
indie game dev - Programmer
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English; Filipino; French; German; Korean; Indonesian; Spanish; Japanese
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