Maze Hunter 3D
Updated 2 years ago
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Xbox One; Android; Windows; Windows Phone 8
You're stuck in a maze with a race against time to find the hidden chest. Maze Hunter 3D is a maze game that will challenge you to find the hidden chest in order to complete the maze. The fun part is you have a time limit.
Maze Hunter 3D is apart of the Creators Collection on Xbox.
Update 1/2018: Story mode update coming soon!
Play Explorer: You'll adventure and explore though randomly generated mazes to locate the hidden chest to progress to the next maze. However, there're three different difficultly levels you can play.
- Small map (easy): This maze you have 2-minute to find the hidden chest to successfully complete the maze.
- Medium map (normal): A bigger map that adds a new challenge. Not only there a 5-minute time limit, but the chest is locked, and you must find the key to open it to successfully complete the maze.. You can find power-up located within this map.
- Large map (Hard): A much larger maze with a new challenge. There're NO power-ups! You will need to use your coins if you choose to buy power-ups because none are found hidden in the maze. You're have 8-minute to find the key and the chest to successfully complete the maze.
Power-ups: coin, extend time, reveal key locations.
John Lisenby
Unity Developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Xbox One; Android; Windows; Windows Phone 8