Math Hands -on
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Hands -on Learning app.

I am a primary school teacher and i started using unity a year ago, and it gives me the opportunity to bring lots of fun in the classroom by creating games. It's clear kids loves "educational" games or games so it 's very easy to bring any topics and bring lots interesting activities to learn.
I want to participate in this challenge to get more connection with the designer community and keep learning, see what other designer , programmer do.
After one year of designing games, i learned a lot and i think now it 's even better when apps develop creativity or brings more interactive features. This game is to have fun with math hands -on where kids can experiment learning.
my first objective: i want learn all about the touch interactivity( make an efficient use of swipe, rotate, one finger tap, double fingers....), and learn the new SVG importer to get better graphics.
so far i build up three activities, i tested the app in my classroom with students, then i improved the app. This is my way to improve apps. So i see if the game is really educational, if its works well, if they understand, if they learn etc...
what do you think ?

7th november
after a test with students , it was too slow to drag and drop pictures for older kids so i am came up with this improvement. Small kids can do pictures, older kids use fast button pressing.
8th november
Trying out SVG importer for a hands -on on money . Less pixel on corners...

11 th november : overview of testing process.
i like the prototype, easy scripting, run smoothly on tablet, easy to produce levels and i can easily add features on the go. So i can focus on creating interesting hands on.
4 years old : (Test with my 4 years old son). I observe this kind of behavior : they create drawing or organize icons on the grid . As design elements , small kids are gonna create lots of elements on the board. so i am changing instantiate, destroy to pooling elements to optimize the process.
8 years old: kids who don't have any strategy in math will organize icons with colors or randomly. After asking them to think, they will organize icons to show a more advanced strategy, demonstrate their strategy with the visual representation on the tablet, so i think it 's powerful.

Credits : Unity asset store i use for this project :
- Game Framework Extra/FlipWebs Apps : Mark Hewitt. My model for programming since the beginning. - Ricimi : Cartoon Gui Pack- , my model for graphic design. - Fingers- Touch gesture for Unity, Jeff Johnson.
12 th november
Adding core function/ interface : - recycling icon : erase one element at the time by drag and drop in the bin ( despawn OnTriggerEnter2d) - eraser : erase all the board ( despawn all objects back to pooling) - drawing icon : abilities to draw directly on board for future hands-on game.
kids love to draw , i am excited to find hands-on/ game with this nice tool.
14 th November : I define my goal to develop/ design each game Level. I will try to respect theses guidelines when designing the level: - each game level should allow the end-user to create multiples games possibilities, with some level of creativity, use of imagination trough Gameplay.
  • for example, with the money board a teacher could use the app with a catalogue with toys and kids get the money to pay. Another teacher could ask the challenge : get 10 possibilities to make 1 euro with centimes. The end-user creates the game based on whatever he /she wants to do.
  • for example, a kid could play math with the hundreds, tens, ones block, or use the blocks like Lego to make fancy drawing ( see below a house, trees, roads). It allows some levels of creativity trough gameplay.
November 16 th
I worked on the framework/ UI animations :
" HomeScene" - tutorial ; game rules -credits -languages
"levelScene" - 12 levels for now as estimation.
I finished the drawing tools ( trail Renderer) , organize folders, optimize graphics. So i estimate it should be a game at around 28 MO to 35 Mo size as it is a mobile game. It is very responsive as now. I checked it scales correctly for mobile devices from 800/400 to 2960/1440.
As I look at the other project on the challenge , i am very interested to try more animation in this project....
The game manual to explain a little bit the different tools : it is a pop pup GameObject, with animation in-out, a shining effect on icons, and a scroll view rectangle.

Matthias Guichard
Primary School Teacher - Educator