Match Two
Published a year ago
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A tile based matching game designed for young children.
Match Two was my first commercially released project. It was released with a free to play model on the Android App store, originally supported with in-game Ads provided by google Ad mob.
The game was aimed at children between the ages of 4-8, with my godson giving me the idea based on a physical card game he liked to play, however without the need to tidy up all the cards when he decided he was bored and would throw them everywhere!
The game was not all that popular, most likely due to the large amount of similar games on the app store, and the lack of any real gameplay loop or hook to keep players returning. In April I published an update when allowed players to record and try to beat their best times, as well as removing the Ads as I had encountered several issues with Googles Admob system that would occasionally spawn adverts that would interupt gameplay or unintentionally block buttons.
Jason Newport
Game Developer - Programmer
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English, British
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