Massive Clouds - Screen Space Volumetric Clouds
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Version 2.2.0 Released ! (2019/3/8)

Released! Available on Asset Store ! リリースしました!

Project Summary

WebGL Demo - Verious Presets (only Google Chrome supported) WebGL Demo - Beyond the Cloud (only Google Chrome supported)
Massive Clouds is a personal project that develops Asset that performs realistic cloud drawing functions.
When we are promoting individual development, we started development from the desire to easily create volumetric cloud expressions that are familiar to various scenes.
By drawing as an image effect, you can realize the expression of the distant view without paying a high cost.
Since it can be set not only as a camera image effect but also as a custom effect of Post Processing Stack v2 (preview), it supports VR device and LWRP HDRP project as well.
Also, various parameters are designed to create profiles that operate with realistic load even in mobile environments such as iOS.


Massive Clouds は,リアルな雲描画機能を行う Asset を開発する個人プロジェクトです。
Camera のイメージエフェクトとしてだけでなく,Post Processing Stack v2 (Preview) のカスタムエフェクトとしても設定できるようになっているので,VR デバイスや LWRP HDRP プロジェクトにも対応しています。
また,iOS などのモバイル環境でも現実的な負荷で動作するプロファイルを作れるよう各種パラメータを設計しています。
Hidenori Doi
Aiming Inc. Lead Software Engineer / Manager - Manager
Hidenori Doi
2 years ago
Aiming Inc. Lead Software Engineer / Manager
Clément GiraultHi @Hidenori Doi This looks great. Do the clouds cast shadows?
@Clément Girault Sorry, Massive Clouds can not cast shadows
Clément Girault
2 years ago
Hi @Hidenori Doi This looks great. Do the clouds cast shadows?