Massane Numérique
Developed in 2010 with Unity 2.6, "Massane Numérique" is an instrument for the dissemination of knowledge, and also for the conservation of the natural heritage. Because the knowledge of the natural heritage by the greatest number is often a necessary condition for its safeguarding, natural reserves are regularly confronted with a paradox: on the one hand to preserve and protect the site for which they are responsible, on the other hand to ensure the communication and the valorisation of the natural resources with a large public. Born of this dual nature of the missions of the natural reserve of the Massane forest, the "Massane Numérique" project offers a virtual 3D tour of the forest on a delocalized site open to the public: the Méditerranean garden of the Mas de la Serre. This visit of the digital mock-up has the ambition to introduce to a wide public the natural and patrimonial resources of the Massane, while limiting the number of physical visits of the natural site to ensure its conservation. Developed in collaboration between the Catalan reserves, the Arago laboratory and RT3D, the "Massane Numérique" project is part of the Biodiversarium: an original and unique tool in Europe for scientific mediation on biodiversity. Biodiversarium aims to share scientific knowledge by building on the marine and terrestrial biodiversity of the North-Western Mediterranean.
Pierre Bourdin
Lecturer / Researcher - Educator