Mars Mission VR
We have been working on a game called Mars Mission VR for the last couple of months and we hope to release it in a few months on Steam for VR and XR users.
We didn’t want to make just another boring space simulation in VR, we wanted the player to experience more than that, fun, excitement, fear, adventure, a bit like what you get while watching a good sci-fi movie. But this time you are the main actor!
For reference we used some of the best sci-fi and horror classics such as Alien, Gravity, The Martian, Dune, and more.
So get ready for zero gravity missions around Mars, piloting a spaceship through asteroids and over a huge Mars area, inside a scary cave full of unwanted surprises, and that’s just the beginning!
You will also get to explore a big space station on mars, fighting robots, drones, and many alien creatures.
More details, screenshots and videos coming soon. Stay tuned!