Mars Adventure
Published 3 years ago
In development
The planet Kordok enters into a environmental crisis that exterminates all living beings and food, leaving only the intelligent species Halien without food for the entire species. The legendary Captain Clark and his assistant Kathe begin a search throughout the universe to find a quick solution for their species and restore the ecosystem of their planet, when they reach a distant galaxy, with a green planet, with a green planet, with "beings" that raise living beings called "animals" to eat, or multiply food with what they produce. Clark and Kathe are very interested in the planet, because it is similar to its old ecosystem, similar levels of gases, which would make it the antidote so necessary for the Halien.Therefore, Captain Clark decides to send his apprentice, the most novice, but eager for adventure, Mars, a young Halien who has not had the opportunity to have adventures like his other recruiting partners, for his low level in physical tests, but with the best air-space control score of its entire generation. Mars will be responsible for traveling to this new planet to find the antidote under Captain Clark's orders, becoming the only hope for his entire species, and his planet.
Emiliano Galmarini
EG-Games - Producer
Game Languages
English; Spanish