MariTeam: Salvage
Updated 2 years ago
Linux; Mac; Windows; HTC Vive
Project at Global Game Jam 2017 at SAE Institute Stuttgart
Battle treacherous waves as you aim to make your fortune! Salvage as many crates as possible from the stormy sea and store them savely in your ships cargo bay. Do all this while maneuvering through high waves and avoiding dangerous cliffs. Only one mistake and your beloved steamer will be nothing but yet another floating crate for the next captain to pass through these dangerous waters. So master your ship and return home a rich man or perish at sea!
MariTeam: Salvage was a project at Global Game Jam 2017 at SAE Institute Stuttgart. It was developed in Unity3D in January 2017. There's also a VR Edition for the HTC Vive.
MariTeam: Salvage is a ship-simulator – intentionally being developed as a coop-multiplayer for one player on deck and one inside the ship's body – made for 2017's Global Game Jam's theme „waves“. The player stands on deck of his steampunk ship trying to maneuver through an arena filled with very active seawater, precious crates and dangerous cliffs. The crates have to be gathered and put into the ship's body while the cliffs should be avoided – otherwise the ship's gonna be damaged.
Contact me if you want access to the build of the game.
Team: Carolin Katz - Art Dominik Siems - Art Dominik Stich - Art Lars Güttinger - Programming Lutz Luikart - Audio Marian Günthner - Programming Simon Luikart - Art Thomas Feucht - Programming
Honourable Mention: Christian Teller - Art
Marian G.
- Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows; HTC Vive