Mariano: The Last Dream
Published a year ago
Mariano: The Last Dream is a 3D sidescrolling puzzle platformer in which players control the peruvian poet Mariano Melgar inside the last dream of his life and whose goal is to reunite with his beloved Silvia while surviving the nightmarish darkness that lurks within the environment.

I was Creative Director, Game Designer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Writer and Co-Producer.
This project was developed at Grupo Avatar, the game research and development group at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
The following documents show my process for the different tasks I undertook in this game:
  • Creative Direction Process
  • Game Design Process
  • Level Design Process
The following document is an example of my Feature Documentation skills:
  • Save System: Checkpoints
Team members:
  • Claudia Zapata - Project Lead, UX/Usability Researcher, Producer
  • Freddy Paz - UX/Usability Researcher
  • Marco Espinoza - Art Director/3D Artist/Animator
  • Aldo Huapaya - Concept, Texture, Logo Artist
  • Brian Benavente - 3D, FX and UI Artist
  • Andrea Cáceres - Gameplay Programmer
  • Luis Robles - Gameplay Programmer
  • Gonzalo Manrique - Sound Designer and Composer
  • Ricardo Navarro - Educational Psychologist
  • Vanessa Vega - Educational Psychologist
  • Antonio Zapata - Historian and History Consultant
  • Gabriela Rodriguez - History Consultant
Enrique Klein Garcia-Godos
Game Designer - Designer
Game Languages
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