Map Generation Framework GenX 2D
Generate marvelous worlds with a single line of code!

GenX 2D framework provides the user with an extensive set of tools for procedurally generating maps, structures, dungeons and more.

- Easy to set up
- Visual controls
- Intuitive interface
- Flexible and powerful


- Easily generate caves, mazes, artificial looking structures and more, with almost no code.
- Or access lower level functions for flexible map generation to suit your goal.
- Limitless dungeon generator with extensive controls.
- Powerful terrain generator.
- Configurable object spawner.
- Tools for polishing the raw map
- Generation seed support.
- Biome support.
- Dynamic chunk loading and unloading.
- Support for individual block textures as well as tile maps.
- Create and edit your own biomes, block types, structures; set generation parameters, all right in the Editor!
- Procedural collider generation.
- Destructible map.
- Procedural mesh generation, to ensure the best performance.
- Mesh smoothing.
And much more!..
Anton Vinogradov
Developer - Student