Manuel Marino Film Music: Orchestral Drama, Scifi, Medieval, Heroic, Epic, Tension and Thrilling.
Hello everyone, my name is Manuel Marino and I'm an Italian Composer and Producer. I've got a long story, started as top artist about 20 years ago, I've been included in famous FLASHBACK2000 compilation. This gave me an opportunity, since I've been invited in radios, magazine interviews and initial contacts, as example with David Perry, Richard Garriott and well known Derek Smart. My first project has been Universal Combat, his huge scifi project. After that I had the idea that working with games could be as cool as playing them! And I continued, publishing albums in the meantime, and creating my label, Marino Sounds. Now after more than one hundred mobile games, pc, console and other titles (search me on Google), I'm focusing on Films, but I still love games, my passion. If you have an impressive project, send me a message!

Manuel Marino
Music Composer for 'Hell Trip' Feature Film - Artist
9 months ago
Unity Developer - Programmer
Great work!