MaksAMillion's Poor Skater/ The Social Network
Updated 9 months ago
In development
Microsoft HoloLens
This is aimed to be a social experience where humans can skate in the real world by controlling a skateboard, while avoiding any bodily injuries to themselves. This can enable people to skate while healing from an injury or skate spots they wouldn't dare in real life. Skate like the Pros, even if you haven't done so before. My goal is to implement multiple ideas into this Augmented Reality experience to push what the future of Augmented Reality will be and what can be done when you begin to mix everything you know, as we acquire different knowledge from our experiences. Stay tuned for future developments.
This experience is for the HoloLens and plays a role in a larger project.
  • MaksAMillion's Poor Skater is integrated into another App called 'The Social Network. Maks_A_Million's Poor Skater -- 1 month later -- decided to have an overarching social network experience and within that social network you can network with MaksAMillion's Poor Skater.
  • The Social Network -- consists of Augmenting the Social aspect of Facebook into an augmented reality experience.
  • Facebook - Login (at it's current stage) can now login and use your username on MaksAMillion's Poor Skater.
  • Facebook - Posts/Feed from Facebook, now, come onto your wall.
Maximiliano Barragan
Mr. - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Microsoft HoloLens