Making of 'The Siege'
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Final submission:


We were deeply inspired by the demo scene from “Neon Contest”. It didn’t take much time to decide what we are going design and submit since we always wanted to make some contents regarding ‘Siege’. Though we don’t have any character modeler and animator, we had experienced game designer, VFX artist, lighting artist and Engineer. By discussing how we bridge the gap, we decide to use art assets from Asset store and Mixamo.

Concept and references:

We all were big fans of “On your mark” (July 15, 1995) by “Miyazaki Hayao”(Studio Ghibli)“ since he conveys cruel but beautiful love story in such short film. With this reference, we decided to remake one of the impressive scenes we liked with ‘Siege’ theme.
After deciding the concept, we started searching for many video clips and finally found two good references from Youtube.
Considering our team’s strength and weakness, we decided not to spend much time on outdoor environment but put more effort on decorating indoor as a background of the scene.


We knew from the experience that it is important to make small success continuously by achieving small goals. Since we only had 6 days to finish the whole process, planning was a key part to us. Thus, we tried to focus on designing the core contents by prioritizing the workload and using art assets that can be reused. So we set our goal by daily basis to achieve one small goal by day by day.


Following is the art resources that we bought from Asset store.
* Sci Fi Space Soldier PolygonR ($10)
* MB1 FB1 Cleric Pack ($35)
* JYJ Sci-fi Environment Package 1 ($30)
* Volumectic Blood Effects ($15)
* Muzzle Flashes ($10)
We also used some free tools for the project as below.
* iTween (Free)
* TextMesh Pro (Free)
* Unity-Technologies/VolumetricLighting (Github)
* Unity-Technologies/Recorder (Free) * Unity-Technologies/Post-Processing Stack (Free)
* Mixamo animation (Mixamo Free)
* Google youtube audio library (Free)


We used a sample asset from “JYJ Sci-fi Environment Package” to reduce time on building environment. But we had to replace some tiles to make the environment we want.


After finalizing the building inside, we filled the space by placing characters.


Since we only had animations from “Sci Fi Space Soldier PolygonR” and “Mixamo”, we had to make various poses by using different animations. But we faced two problems on this stage.
* How can we stop Mecanim animation to get a pose that we want?
* How can we place characters with right pose from the editor while animation is playing?
We could resolve the first issue by setting the value of animation clip length as 0.1
Second problem was resolved by enabling Class on Edit Mode.

Camera shot frame:

We discussed how to set up “Camera Shot Frame” after finalizing the previous process. By doing this, we could check which space should be filled more.


The main challenge for this project is to achieve the cinematographic look and tell the story with lighting. We used "Volumetric Lighting" from Adam demo. In addition, we've added local lights to shape the form for the characters.
Lighting is used to tell the story within small confined space. As you play through the animation, you will notice the overall color is divided into three sections. In the beginning part where the soldiers break out from the main entrance, this area is filled with the strong white volumetric lights. In the middle part where the gun fire takes place, the green lights filled the areas which express the danger. As the camera fly through the end part, this area is filled with red lights which bring the sense of emergency guide the viewer to the climax.

Post-Processing Stack:

We used Unity Post-processing stack for balancing of color, image effect and Cinematic Scene.

Cinemachine, Timeline:

We searched for lots of references to make camera control naturally. Based on the Camera Shot Frame that we set, we fine tune all the objects by controlling Dolly trail.


Main goal of FX was the feeling the space and adding dramatic tension to the scene.
The rifle muzzle fire was the key FX for “The Siege”. We purchased Muzzle pack from asset store and it worked really well. Other FXs like, spark and smoke, we learned from Youtube. Biggest challenge was the stopping the particle after a certain period of time. This problem was solved by using "Pause" of Particle System.


We exported the title asset that is processed by “After Effect” and play it by using Video Player in Unity.

jake ahn
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Jason Min
Unity3D Generalist - Programmer
Pascal Achermann
9 months ago
Freelancer - Artist
very exciting work! Thank you for the code ideas you posted, always glad to learn from masters! best Pascal
jake ahn
a year ago
Game designer - Designer
Jorge Reyna TamezVery interesting and original, congratulations!
Thanks Jorge. That's such a big compliment!
jake ahn
a year ago
Game designer - Designer
Angelo JusayGood stuff. Is it faster to render when there is no animation in the scene?
Thanks Angelo. We don't think it influence any rendering speed. Though it looks like it is stopped, animations are playing in the scene.
Game Developer - Programmer
Very interesting and original, congratulations!
Angelo Jusay
a year ago
Unity3d Generalist - Programmer
Good stuff. Is it faster to render when there is no animation in the scene?