Making More: Ready for Unity
Updated 8 months ago
What I have been up to...
Being outside is the pinnacle of my personal needs. I am always happiest amongst the trees and near to the nature that has always driven my inspiration and life-force. Getting outside provides a far greater scope for new 3D items, so, it was time to create something different.
This was my first model for Doxey Marshes. Fully inscribed with the donation-statement from almost 40 years-ago, it was an interesting build that taught me so much about 3D production. Adding the textures was a new skill that has proven to be valuable.
This wasn't the only Doxey item that I produced. Further in to the Marshes, there is this sign-board:
I would love to have made a less 'repeat' patterned wood, but it ended up looking quite good. I even added the bars that pass through each board on the real-thing.
These models have been a long wait, having had to care for my spouse, time is very thin! So, a couple of years ago, I asked that Staffordshire Wildlife give me any surveys for the site, this was to help with recreating the landscape. I am determined that this will be made, though I guess only time will tell.
The next product will be one of the bird-hides. There are two to create, the first should be the hexagonal-building near to the railway-track. This has simple lines and will be a good start before tackling the main-hide.
I will add more to this topic as and when I get more 'creative' hours in my pocket. Until next time...
Be safe, keep smiling!
Gavyn Rudd
Digital Environment Designer / Researcher - Designer