Making a Toy on iPad: Toymakers Cabin

About the Game

Toymakers Cabin is an art/demo piece created by Team QuadraTron for QuadraTron Games. The world of the Toymakers Cabin is one of discovery and emergent play. Most objects in the world have no more purpose than a box of Lincoln Logs, they're there for the player to do whatever they want with. Everything in the world is a toy!
Within the world are mini-games: Focused experiences that push you towards some goal. (ie there's a Shooting Gallery with a BB gun and popup targets that keeps your "score" on a leaderboard.)


Toymakers Cabin is played on a mobile device with a gyroscope. The camera moves in response to "aiming" the tablet as a pseudo VR experience. It's also been built for Oculus as an actual VR experience but this is not currently our target platform.


With mobile devices as a target, resource management is a high concern. We avoided instantiating and destroying GameObjects in the scene as much as possible. We also avoided repeatedly looking up objects with Find and GetComponent calls. Textures, atlases, etc, must be no larger than 4096. Music streaming also avoided more then a couple of ambient tracks.


The art style in Toymakers Cabin is simplistic, but stylized. The most accurate description thus far is "PS1 models with PS2 textures, PS3 shading, and PS4 lighting. All assets were limited to what could be purchased or acquired for fee from the Unity Asset Store.
Team QuadraTron