Make your own native dll
Would you like to write your own Windows based DLLs? So this asset is for you, it saves a lot of time researching how to connect a native C++ DLL to Unity. This is basically a sample/tutorial project with both sides of the solution: C++ and C#. NOTE: This package is not intended for non programmer users. What is included in this package: - Complete DLL project (Visual Studio 2015 Community) - Unity C# source code to access the demo DLL data. - Full documentation explaining the source files, and also how to generate your own DLL projects from scratch. Why native instead of managed DLLs? Native DLLs normally don’t need external dependencies, so reduces compilation issues. C# DLLs tends to need System DLLs to export final product, specially if you are connecting with some awesome new technology. So you can develop your C++ code within Visual Studio and then connect it to Unity through a DLL file following the instructions included in this package. Data types exposed in C++: int, float, bool, string, wstring, char*, wchar_t*, byte*. Date exposed on C# side: int, float, bool, string, byte[].
Javier Monsuarez
Technician in electronics - Owner