Magrunner: Dark Pulse Torrent Download [PC]
Published 3 months ago

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About This GameWhen technology meets Cthulhu!Magrunner: Dark Pulse is an action-puzzle game in which technology confronts the Cthulhu Mythos, as imagined by author, H. P. Lovecraft.You are Dax, one of seven Magrunners selected among the elite to participate in MagTech Corporation's space training program. But, what should be the chance of a lifetime quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.Equipped with your Magtech glove, you must harness the ability to magnetically polarize and manipulate objects in the environment to survive and surpass challenging puzzles. Your reflexes and ingenuity will be pushed to their limits as you make your way through 40+ immense and dangerous levels, including high-tech training rooms and the endless chasms of the lost cosmos, on a path to confront the horrendous creatures of Cthulhu! b4d347fde0 Title: Magrunner: Dark PulseGenre: Action, AdventureDeveloper:FrogwaresPublisher:FrogwaresRelease Date: 20 Jun, 2013 Magrunner: Dark Pulse Torrent Download [PC] Magrunner pretty much starts where the Portal series left off, offering absolutely awesome physics puzzles which require you not to think in portals, but in magnets, offering just as satisfying gameplay, a very great learnung curve, an actually awesome background setting you wouldn't exactly expect the first few hours in as well as more than just sufficient game length for a puzzle game.This was hands down the most fun I've had with a 3D puzzle platformer since Portal 2 and the only reason why Magrunner falls mildly short is the lack of hilarious characters like Wheatley or Glados. Gameplay wise Magrunner is between Portal 1 and Portal 2, which says a lot, as both games were absolutely amazing.If you loved the Portal games and thought Q.U.B.E. 1 and 2 were 'meh', then Magrunner will definitely not disappoint.I just wish Frogwares had done another game like this instead of focusing singlehandedly on Sherlock Holmes.
Kara Long