Magicae Mundi
Updated 3 months ago
In development
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Windows; Mac; Linux
In this BattleRoyale game, you must fight using and combining your elemental spells to defeat your opponents!
Magicae Mundi is a fun and action-packed game that brings a completely different and online Battle Royale experience to your players, in which you fight using spells!
Before the battle begins, you have the freedom to create the match in your favorite scenario, choose to play alone against others, against robots, or as a team with your friends.
You can also customize the number of players per game, and can play with up to 10 players in a single scenario!
Once the battle begins, you must use all your ability to master the elemental spells, and you can combine them to create other spells according to your creativity and agility!
Use your strategy, cunning, and skill to defeat your opponents before they defeat you. The winner is the last to stay alive!
Main features:
° Multiple servers around the world to provide a great connection
° Choose scenarios, characters and game modes
° Elementary spells that can be combined to form other stronger and more surprising spells
Renan Sylvestre
Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal; Portuguese; English; Spanish; French; Chinese, Simplified
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux