Magic Winter

The Magic WINTER VFX Particle Kit

This set includes 8 generators of snow, harsh sky, merciless ice Tornado interacting with physical objects, Sprite sheet with 64 textures of snowflakes, sounds of wind, tornado and rain.
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Snow generator 1
A particle system that works with a single snowflake texture and simulates calm snowfall.
Snow generator 2
Snowfall with slight turbulence.
Snow generator 3
A particle system imitating realistic snow falling on the surface and slowly melting.
Snow generator 4
Very heavy snowfall provided by a single particle system.
Snow generator 5
To the thick snowfall, a subsidiary system of particles creates a fog.
Snow generator 6
The weather deteriorates even more and a strong, howling wind is added to the snow in thick fog.
Snow generator 7
This tornado with the interaction with physical objects. All items that fall in his field of action will be tightened, twisted and thrown out of its limits, and the accompanying sound will add realism to the scene.
Snow generator 8
From the terrible, glittering clouds on the ground falls snow and rain. This weather phenomenon is reinforced by the corresponding realistic sound.
Snow generator 9
These are 64 magical multi-colored snowflakes falling from a dark moving cloud and lying on the ground. It is magically fabulous.
Alexey Savelev
AlxDsx - Designer