Magic Outline 1.0 Release
Making your Unity game stylized has never been so easy!
With Magic Outline shader you can easily improve your game look and feel creating unique materials with ease. Magic Outline works with simple or complex models and can be easily customized changing aura and other shader parameters.

How to use it:

Getting started with Magic Outline - in just minutes!! Simply start by adding a new material with“ 1UP/ Magic Outline/Unlit” to your model.

That's it!

- Sample scene that shows multiple examples.
- Many options to tweak outline to your need.

• 100% shader effect
• Fully customizable
• Highly optimized for mobiles and contains: Unlit, Lit shaders.
• Texture Ramp Supported: easily add ramp textures and see the changes in real-time on your materials
• 15 ready to use materials included:
- Unlit mode
- Unlit Mode(Hologram)
- Unlit Mode(Multi-Material)
- Unlit Mode(Ramp)
- Unlit Mode(Comic Style01)
- Unlit Mode(Comic Style02)
- Unlit Mode(Comic Style03)
- Unlit Mode(Comic Style04)
- Unlit Mode(Water Reflection)
- Unlit Mode(Ghost)
- Unlit Mode(Shadowman)
- Lit Mode(Ramp)
- Lit Mode(Multi-Material)
- Unlit Mode(Burning Man)
- Unlit Mode(Hollow Man)
Documentation and example scenes inside package.
1UP Games
Developer - Producer