Magic Leap Minigames
This is a game that consisted on four mini games that I've worked on.
All this mini games work under the same class which defines the flow that it must follow. Specifically I worked on two of this four mini games but I wrote the base class and created a framework of sorts which all mini games use.
For example, the football that are shot in the video uses the same pooling system as the targets on the wall. I've created a generic class called WallSpawner which implements a method which returns a Vector3 in global space and a normal for the new object to use. It's noteworthy that the script defines a width and length of the object which is used when calculating the point so we can assure that every object spawned will fit on the wall.
Unfortunately I only have one video in an actual device for the moment.
Omar Rodríguez Pérez
Computer Engineer - Programmer