Magic Ball Arcade
Published 17 days ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Magic Ball is an arcade game specialized for mobile from controls to game play, which you enjoy and continue to escape from enemies and kill them, at the same time need limited time to find the checkpoint without getting caught.
As you go along the levels you see different enemy types force you to slow down and also you collect health and time pickups while you go. Design is slick and thought for low end devices & high end mobile, so that low-poly style also keeps you in the game while providing an old-fashioned atmosphere and combining those with recent technology shader effects.
This game is recently released on App Store, and we are developing more mobile games, If you think you are also interested about working with us, contact us, and we can have more ideas come to life with different people from all over the world, we are already working remotely, and are excited to make and play games for a long time, and it's our life style...
We are open to new ideas from unity community, group of geeks & technology professionals.
Barbaros Tombaz
Game programmer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS