Mad Rocket: Fog of War - Inspired by RTS
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In development
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Android; iOS
Destroy the enemy base hidden under the fog!
Hello guys!
Our game is in soft launch now and we are receiving a lot of positive feedback from our players! Before it goes global, guild system and seasonal ranked battles will be brought into the game! Also, our graphic designers are working very hard on improving the visual aspect of the game as well

More about the game:

Most of strategy games that you’ve played until now share many similarities. You build your town, train units, and win from battles. What we offer is the new experience – the fog of war. Inspired by wargames, the fog of war creates unpredictable battles with infinite number of battle tactics.
Now, your attack strategies are not limited to choosing the right units for your battle deck. Diverse strategies should be generated to be prepared for uncertain battle conditions that the dark fog creates. You must find weak points of your enemies and be prepared for their missile attacks.
Defense buildings hidden in the fog with the customizable base layout can create an unlimited defense strategy that can put you at unease as an offender. But, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a variety of arms with unique abilities that you can count on.
What if deadly defense buildings are hidden under the fog, ready to counter attack at your troops? would you surrender or would you fight against them?


▶ Use the fog of war to your advantage! Hide, or unveil key strategies. ▶ Fully customizable bases allow unlimited defense strategies. ▶ A wide collection of weapons at your disposal. ▶ Get ready for a missile mayhem! Bomb enemy bases into dust. ▶ Upgrade your defensive strategics and fortify your flying fortress. ▶ Battle players worldwide in the epic PvP mode.


If you’re within the regions of Philippines, Singapore or Sweden, you’ll be able to enjoy the game while receiving a lot of free gems offered for everyone who is participating in our special event called “Sell Your MRFOW videos”! If you’d like to read more about the event and find out how to participate, you can follow the link:

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Game Languages
English; Korean
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS
Creative Experience!
Thanks Angel ! We plan to release this game in September. Stay updated on Facebook :) Have a great day!
Angel Beach
a year ago
This looks great! I really want to play this now. :-P