Proxi Memories
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Proxi Art Challenge

Proxi memories story and process

Proxi Challenge was love at first sight for me.
Even though I am very new to 3D and Unity I decided to give it a shot there is no better way to learn. This will be my first completed project with Blender, Substance Painter and Unity.
Here you a can see some of my memories where I tried to illustrate something unique and create a story. It's too late to change anything but I think I got lost in details at one point.

1.Chicken lover

The first memory it is from an early age when I used to go visit my grandmother. Those times were an absolute blast.
My grandmother had the most amazing dog ever called Laica that used to let me ride her. Our most fun activity was chasing the chickens and trying to catch them for... hugs of course.

2. Meeting a whale shark

My second memory is from my first vacation with my amazing husband. We decided to go in Mexico where we had the great opportunity to swim with a whale shark. This was the most incredible experience.

3. Portrait of a pet rat

The third memory is making an oil painting portrait of our pet rat for my husband.
This was a little crazy because It took me three months to make it but I had the perfect model. Our rat Uminum used to be very interested and she used to sit on her cage and watch me painting.
I found her very often stealing my brushes and my paints.


1. Concept

loose sketches on paper

2. Sculpting and Modeling

blender - I wanted a more organic look

3. Retopology

blender - helps with texturing and rigging

4. Rigging

blender - wanted to add more character to my terrified chickens

5. Scene set up

imported all the models in Unity

6. Texturing

Substance Painter 2 - used the new features of linking Substamce Painter and Unity - all the textures are original or modified from original package

7. Lights

Unity - setting up the lights

8.Post Processing

9. Cameras

Unity - Cinemachine

10. Video

Unity - Cinemachine - dolly track
Unity Recorder

11. Video Editing

Movie Studio 13.0

Simona Filip
generalist - Other
Simona Filip
2 years ago
Sean SmithGreat storytelling with still models. Textures looked great!
Thank you very much! :)
Simona Filip
2 years ago
Farrukh AbdurVery good work Simona. Good to see finished video :) Good luck.
@Farrukh Abdur thank you! Good luck to you, too :)
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Very good work Simona. Good to see finished video :) Good luck.
Sean Smith
3 years ago
Just graduated
Great storytelling with still models. Textures looked great!