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About This Game« Good. Your plane tickets are ready. I already made a bank transfer of 1 000 000 on your account. We'll get in touch when you're inside the nuclear plant. You must understand that not getting the MacGuffin is not an option. »Richard N.MacGuffin is a first person adventure and comedy game about stealing a mysterious object, called the MacGuffin. It takes place in an alternative present. You are a thief who's sent to take that object from a Nuclear Power Plant about to explode. You receive instructions on a smartphone. The game involves hacking computers, resolving quite simple puzzles, discovering the story and accomplishing your mission. Ultra intense adventure Explore the Japanese Nuclear plant and more Extraordinary conversations with Richard Free fact generator on your phone Music right from another space and time Find the truth and steal the MacGuffin d859598525 Title: MacGuffinGenre: Action, Adventure, IndieDeveloper:Concrete Games Classic, Corentin DerbréPublisher:Gem Rose AccentRelease Date: 18 Feb, 2016 MacGuffin Download 1gb macguffin films. macguffin trope. macguffin synonym. wilhelm macguffin. macguffin north by northwest. macguffin notorious. jeanann mcguffin. macguffin pronunciation. macguffin clan. macguffin magazine 5. macguffin neurological institute. macguffin magazine 5. john macguffin. macguffin meaning in urdu. macguffin designs. macguffin syndrome. mcguffin vs macguffin. macguffin in video games. macguffin delivery service. macguffin nyc. macguffin film definition. macguffin reddit. macguffin def. macguffin game card. macguffin meaning in hindi. werewolf macguffin. macguffin que es. macguffin in rear window. macguffin films ltd. macguffin summer camp. macguffin project. 5e macguffin. macguffin in raiders of the lost ark. macguffin webster. macguffin neurological institute shirt. macguffin hitchcock definition. macguffin etymology. living macguffin. macguffin storytelling. macguffin kol. macguffin the life of things. macguffin goods. macguffin vs plot device. macguffin amc. macguffin rip. macguffin origin. macguffin uncle grandpa. macguffin 5 the cabinet. macguffin frames. macguffin uncle grandpa. mcguffin jazzpunk. macguffin meaning in urdu. macguffin def. macguffin c3po. macguffin journal. macguffin ngu. macguffin hamlet. macguffin storytelling. macguffin examples. macguffin first use. macguffin library. macguffin youtube. macguffin 78. macguffin cinema. macguffin indiana jones 4. macguffin in korean. macguffin psycho. un mcguffin es. macguffin kimdir. young macguffin and merida. macguffin night king. werewolf macguffin. macguffin game of thrones. macguffin delivery service. macguffin last jedi. macguffin night king. macguffin north by northwest. macguffin event. macguffin in rear window. macguffin synonym. macguffin linkedin. macguffin madrid. macguffin avengers. macguffin philadelphia. macguffin bournemouth you are not funny, kill yourself. Interesting game, with lots of tiny details and funny jokes. Definitely a must-buy.. I liked it. It's an LSD simulator right? Unless this is a normal game and I was really on LSD... What was I doing again?. AWESOMELY AMAZING, but very very short. I finished it in 40 minutes. game tries to be the stanley parable, but is in fact, not funny or clever. give this one a pass.also, its a little racist.
Larry Welch