Ma campagne
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Android; iOS
2017's french presidential election based game
This project is a management game where the player control a fictional candidate in the french presidential election. His goal is to win the presidential. Following a weekly division, the player have to choose actions for his campaign in order to increase his popularity with also respecting his budget and being coherent with his political axes that he defined at the beginning of the game.
You have to play 8 weeks before the final vote, each week there 3 different gameplay phases :
The planning : In this phase you have to play card to decide what you will do this week like visiting a company, organize a meeting, meet a head of state, etc… You have to be careful to your budget and stay coherent to your political axes when you choose an action.
The twitter game : You have to react to the weekly news by giving your opinion or not.
The interview : You have to answer an interview on the tv or radio or in the street. You can choose many answer and the journalist will react according to your answer.
Thomas Fuentes
Unity C# developper - Programmer
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Android; iOS