M.I. History Museum Virtual Tour
Browser based interactive tour of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Museum deployed in WebGL. This project was executed by a small team, where I served as the sole software developer. This project involved the development of complex interaction systems in both 2D and 3D environments, data-driven systems, and optimizations for delivery on the web platform.
The Military Intelligence Museum Virtual Tour was developed to allow users anywhere in the world the chance to visit this museum located on the historic Fort Huachuca in Arizona. The tour recreates all the exhibits that were curated at the museum as of late 2016. Users are able to interact with all exhibits and learn about each artifact in the museum's collection. Everything can be viewed up close, from the smallest artifact to the largest murals to give the user an experience as close to visiting the physical museum as a web browser can provide. User can also engage in activities that coincide with each era the museum showcases to learn even more. These activities include deciphering messages using rudimentary techniques dating back to the Revolutionary War in the late 1700s, interacting with the notorious Enigma Machine from WWII, quiz games regarding military history and much more.
Tim McDaniel
Unity Developer - Programmer