M.A.T.H. Trooper
Attack those math problems... literally! M.A.T.H. Trooper is the coolest way to learn your multiplication table, as well as other primary school arithmetic. Customize the math difficulty to target whatever math level is currently being taught in your class. Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Five pulse pounding missions with difficulties that range from "no sweat" to insane to match your gaming skills, with a bonus "Endless Wave" level upon completion of the 5 levels. M.A.T.H. Trooper combines elements of jetpack shooter action with strategic tower defense gameplay. The best formula to learn anything, including math, is repetition combined with having fun. And the best way to achieve that formula is to create a gaming experience that kids would normally play just for fun, but then incorporate educational elements right into the gameplay itself. The more fun it is to solve math problems, the more likely a student is likely to keep practicing math problems. And we all know that anything to make math practice more fun is a great thing. "Math practice" doesn't have to equal "boring" any longer!
Jackson Kim
Unity 3D Developer
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