Luminus (Fireflies)
Luminus is a game about capturing fireflies using only your facial expressions. Using Faceshift’s facial recognition software to drive real-time facial capture, Luminus can determine if the player is smiling at one group of fireflies, making a kissy face at another, and even sneering angrily to remove the pesky thorn bushes that would mean the end of the player's fun. A unique game experience, Luminus brings our most basic emotions into play and turns them into a way to communicate with fireflies in a way we normally can't. This short project was developed in only 2 weeks When designing the user interface for Luminus my primary goal was to create a menu system that was simple enough to use facial expression as the primary input. If the player had to use the mouse to do anything other than exit the game, we would be unsuccessful in this. The menu remained very simple and only displayed buttons to play again, to quit, or to see the credits, and all of these buttons could be ‘pressed’ by performing simple, yet discreet, facial expressions in front of the camera.
Adam Ormsby
Freelance Developer - Programmer