Luminous Labyrinth
Published 7 months ago
In development
Windows; Android; iOS
Luminous Labyrinth is a maze solving puzzle game of luminous colors and a minimalism art style.

In a world of labyrinths and colorful luminous shapes, you move a glowing cube through a set of mazes all based in worlds of specific color. Discover every corner of each labyrinth to unlock secret areas and avoid beautifully colored obstacles.

Simple move controls.
No time limit. No added quests.

Game Features :
• Move thru labyrinths from 8 worlds of color. (demo includes red world only)
• Discover all hidden areas and glowing stars to complete 100%.
• Use quick reaction time and patience to slide through each section.
• Collect a protective color aura to help against obstacles.
Bobby Wolfe
3D Artist & Indie Developer - Other
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android; iOS