Ludum Dare #44 Post Mortem
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The Making of Tanemaki - (Sound Designer's Perspective)
Tanemaki’s placed on an island surrounded by the ocean so I figured why not record some beach ambiance to put it in the game. Carl’s place was walking distance from Santa Monica beach.
When I got to Carl’s place, production was in full swing. Carl had got the Unity session up and running (using BitBucket - as repo) and everyone was working on the controls for the ball movement.
SFX wise it was pretty straightforward. I looked around for cues to which will definitely be in the game. This means, the ball rolling (on two types of terrain - water and land).
Nathan mentioned that we should have 3 different types of seeds personalities: A tree, a flower and a bush. We didn’t manage to the bush in the end but I got the bush sfx made just in case we wanted to expand on the game idea post jam.
The tree spawn sfx was just a layers of wood creaking that I had in my sound effect library. It’s split into three layers - (1) the initial low-end spawn from the ground, (2) the growth of the tree (mid slushy bit), and the (3) post-growth where it “spawns” the leaves - high end crackle if you would.
I approached the flower spawn sfx in a way that’s more lighthearted. I added a pad sound along with bells to make sound like it’s magical. I also added some organic “growth” layer to make it sound like it’s growing out of the ground.
The bush spawn sfx is mainly inspired by my daily commute, passing by bushes that consisted of birds in them. So the sfx consisted an initial shrub shaking and then added some birds for life.
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Duncan Soo
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