Lucid Possesion
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Lucid Possesion
Why there is a sunken house at the bottom of the water? Why are the underwater creatures are glowing? How is sweet water now a part of the ocean? Is this a dream, or a premonition? Is this the diminishing of the good old world and rising a mysterious power over the earth? Is this an inception of a whole new existence?
"Lucid Possesion" is a lucid-dream experience gone wrong. Lucy loses the control of her dream and witnesses the source of an unknown anomaly. The tale uses the neon theme in an unorthodox approach.. Underwater creatures emit neon-like light in an unnatural fashion. It’s first unknown why or how these creatures behave this way. Because of the dream-like atmosphere, it’s not even clear if this is even true. But, as the story progresses the source of the anomaly is revealed.
Hi, my name is Emrecan :) I am the co-founder and the art director of the digital production company Kreatin Studios.

Some Screenshots (WIP)

Making of Lucid Possesion - Pond scene and sunken house


Director, Art director & programming & some modelling: Emrecan Çubukçu
Music: Kevin MacLeod, Song: Intrepid
Sound Design & Sound Editing: Kıvanç Çubukçu.
All sounds from
Special thanks to: Deniz Ertürk and Aysegul Uzunyol

Assets used:

  • Shader Forge by Joachim Holmér
  • SSAO Pro by Thomas Hourdel
  • Colorful FX by Thomas Hourdel
  • Ambient Dragonfly by Massive Black Inc.
  • Animal pack deluxe by janpec
  • Underwater Animals Pack 1 by janpec
  • Aquas Water/River set by Dogmatic
  • ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.1 by ArchVizPRO
  • Desktop Marine Package by SpeedTree
  • Dynamic Bone by Will Hong
  • Screaming Statue by vsify
  • Spaceship Raven by Fractured Aether
  • Fish school koi by Unluck Software
  • Rock & Boulders 2 by Manufactura K4
emrecan çubukçu
art director & developer - Owner
3 years ago
Great work dude!
art director & developer
Andrej PetelinProbably my favorite :)
thank you Andrej ☺️
Andrej Petelin
3 years ago
Generalist / Programmer / 3D Artist
Probably my favorite :)
art director & developer
Jorge Reyna TamezExcellent, looks awesome, congratulations!
thank you Jorge ☺️
Game Developer
Excellent, looks awesome, congratulations!