LP Weaponary
LP Weaponary - this is a Asset with collection of Low Poly weapons! All weapons can be modificated by addons, scopes, handgrips, barrels, scopes, stocks, magazines etc. Asset will be include Demonstration scene with Weapon Addons System (You can see that on screenshots), there you can rotate current weapons, attach and detach Addons! For the best variant, I've add two type of functions for Addon attach/detach in Demo Scene. + First: If Addon also exist inside of Weapon object (as child) and was hided. Then you can only Show/Hide this addons. + Second: If Addon hasn't exist inside of Weapon object (as child), then Addon will Instantiate and showed. But if you need to destroy Addon, just select button with Addon again, and if Addon has exist, it will be removed from Weapon object. Main script inside of Demo is "UpgradeEngine.cs" - I put inside comments for best understanding of script.
Works For Fun - Student