Lowpoly Water Shaders V2
2.0 K
Stylized lowpoly water for desktop and mobile, with reflection and refraction based on fresnel, depth control, light absorption, stylized foam and water motion.
Features V2 • NEW Redesigned uber shaders with feature toggles for easier usage • NEW Reduced shader number to 2: Advanced and Simple • NEW Better performance • NEW Moved most of the calculations per vertex • NEW Moved light calculation per vertex • NEW Added Light absorption • NEW Removed edge fade • Customize your shaders with Amplify Shader Editor (v1.0.0.010) ! • Reflection based on Mirror Reflection or Unity’s Reflection Probe • Grabb Pass distortion or Transparency • 2 poligonal tileable water surface patterns • Surface polygonal smoothing • Fresnel control for reflection/refraction and depth control • Stylized foam at object intersection • Cheap per vertex water motion Extras • 20+ stylized low poly nature assets (trees, fir trees, rocks, fences ...) • 2 stylized skybox textures • 2 demo scenes included (day / night setup) • Animated height based gradient shader • Animated stylized fire shader
3D Artist - Artist