Moments of Life♥
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When I look back in my life, the most important things were not the achievements I did accomplish, but unexpected little moments that happened out of the blue and thanks to them I was blessed with beautiful family. This is how I remember it all

Final Video



For this challenge, I wanted to choose the most important memories that defined my life but also in the same time ones that could be rendered in the varied and interesting surroundings. I have chosen both exterior and interior scenes to make sure that my visual style works. Using color to set up specific mood / feeling and torn up parts of worlds because I see memories as a fragments of the places we've visited. Sometimes they can be incomplete, blurred or exaggerated.
Sketches - I usually have a pretty good picture about a scene in my head and the "only" problem is how to get there, but since I took this challenge also as a chance to improve myself, I tried to sketch my ideas down.
Models - I am using open source 3d program Blender3D to create all of my models exporting them as .fbx files to the Unity. There I create a set of prefabs from the meshes and I am ready to build. I like to have at least 3 variants of each object for better diversity of the scene.
Textures - I would like to try something different than plain low poly "colors" for this projects. Thats why I am experimenting with different noise textures and brushes, trying to find some more fresh look. Not sure what the end result will be though :)
Rigging - I am using a great Addon that is already included in Blender called Rigify to set up basic rigs. Its really fast and easy - I just add some little tweaks if its needed but I wouldn't consider myself as a "rigger".
Animation - I am really new to the features of 2017+ Unity but I instantly felt in love with the new Timeline. It is such a powerful tool when combined with the Cinemachine camera.
Postprocessing - I love working with color and see it as a powerful storytelling tool. For final look I use Color Grading in Post Processing Stack for Unity. Software used: Unity3D, Blender3D, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition Unity Tech: Cinemachine, Post Processing Stack, Unity Recorder Thats all for now. With love, Pavel

Pavel Novak
A jack of all trades and a master of some - Designer
Milan Macura
3 months ago
Game Developer - Artist
Mackno Studio - Programmer
Congratulations on winning Proxi Challenge! Very good job.
Oscar Loria
4 months ago
CEO - Executive
wow! such a nice art!
4 months ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead - Other
Epic work! Love the cohesive style, colour palette and use of camera! You clearly play to your strengths!
Pavel Novak
4 months ago
A jack of all trades and a master of some - Designer
Jandar-manGood work and nice style! Good Luck Pavel! I hope you will win!