Low Poly Package (Unity Asset Package)
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Lowpoly world Designed for use in mobile and virtual reality. Highly optimized models mesh. Completely without any textures, which makes this much more friendly with performance. Stylized low poly environment is the best way to use in your virtual world. Compatible with: - VR/AR/MR Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, etc. - Mobile devices: Android, IOS, Windows - Embed Web pages with WebGL - Desktop: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X - Consoles, TV's, etc. Low poly package is the best choise for your game. This package contains 50+ models that are ready to use in your low poly style scenes. They are amazing to create any outside landscape or forest environment that has low poly style. Highly optimized for mobile devices. This package without any textures, which makes your game much more friendly with performance. Fully completed demo scene for further use. This asset includes: Models: - 11 different trees - 2 different bushes - 5 buildings (such as house, castle, tent, mill, tower) - 5 different types styled grass models - 4 different models of rocks - 3 different terrain models - 2 flower models - and more environment models (such as: barrel, bucket, dock, baloon, bench, trunks, clouds, well, firewood, fence, fire) Scripts: - dinamically generation of water - dinamically generation of bridge Shaders: - water animation shader - grass animation shader Particle Ststems: - fire
Game developer - Owner
Vlad Ukraintsev
Game Developer
Dima Demchenko
Game Developer