Low Gravity
Guide your lander through treacherous caverns as you balance fuel and oxygen. This started as a flash game and is available in its initial form on Kongregate. Later it was ported to Unity and released on Google Play and Windows phone.
Oh noes! Your ship has very little fuel and limited oxygen. You must guide it safely through a series of caves and caverns to land on each refueling station. How fast are your reflexes? Three different control schemes: - Two different on screen touch controls - Tilt to steer, touch to fire thrusters Features! Yes it has some! - 20 levels! - Free! - No Ads! - No distracting multiplayer! - Amazing programmer art! - Sounds! * - Music! * *Note* There are no actual sounds or music in this game... yet. I have a promise from a friend that he is making me sounds and music. IF that happens I will update! A little explanation about the touch controls. - Touch mode one uses on screen buttons to indicate where the turning controls are. Everywhere else on the screen activates the thrusters. - Touch mode two divides the screen into thirds horizontally. The first third is for turning left, the second is for turning right and the last third is for thrusting. - Tilt controls are experimental and may not work very well. Don't say you weren't warned! I have a limit to the number of devices I can test on so this may well not work on your device. If that is the case please email me with details about your device and I will see if I can fix it. Thanks!
Neil Petrick
Staff Software Engineer - Programmer
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