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Published 5 months ago

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About This Game“Love in the Glen” is a romantic otome visual novel/dating sim with a fun match 3 minigame. Follow in the steps of Zoe Richardson, an interior designer living and working in Los Angeles’ exclusive and stylish Westside, as she explores the true meaning of love, commitment and passion and how it exists on so many different levels and planes. Featuring: Dialogue and story in the style of films by Nancy Meyers e.g. “Something’s Gotta Give”, “The Intern” & “It’s Complicated” Contemporary and cool soundtrack. 7 different endings. All decisions influence which ending you will get! High quality anime art style. Elite and stylish West Los Angeles setting (Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu etc.) Fun and charming match 3 minigame d859598525 Title: Love in the GlenGenre: Casual, Indie, SimulationDeveloper:Sapphire Dragon ProductionsPublisher:Sapphire Dragon ProductionsRelease Date: 9 Jun, 2016 Love In The Glen Download For Pc [Xforce Keygen] Love in the Glen is an otome (GxB romance) visual novel in which players step into the shoes of Zoe Richardson, a successful interior designer living in Los Angeles. It's intended to evoke the feeling of a contemporary American romantic comedy film- specifically, ones penned by Nancy Meyers. I feel like Sapphire Dragon succeeded in some respects as Love in the Glen does certainly evoke a rom-com feel... but only in a general sense. To me, it didn't read like a "Nancy Meyers" film in particular, though I've only seen two of her films- Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday- so I can't concretely say. It's more "slice-of-life sprinkled with some comedy and some romantic drama towards the end" rather than a straight-up rom-com.Overall and simply put, I don't recommend it at all. I really wanted to like the game since I was drawn to its unique theme and setting for an otome game, plus the developers were very helpful in answering my queries... but sadly, the only thing I really enjoyed was the music. There are just too many faults- its poor writing, underdeveloped characters (which is sad since I found most of them likeable), underutilised interior design theme, too many choices that interrupted the flow of the story, very tedious mini-game and the low artistic quality. For those who want more details:PROS:+ A nice, fitting soundtrack. I can definitely imagine most of the tracks being used in a modern-setting rom-com!+ A very unique theme- interior design is totally underused and underexplored in otome games.+ The setting is also unique for an otome game, being the upper-class Los Angeles, Westside.+ Not too few but not too many endings. There are 7 all up- 5 character endings, 1 normal ending and 1 bad ending.+ Its very low price.+ For busy people, it can be completed quickly without needing to invest hours of your time. I think it's at most a 5-hour game, possibly a couple of hours shorter. The reasons why my gameplay time is high are because I played the game before the fix updates and I left the game/computer running (likely for cards, I can't exactly remember why).CONS:- The bugs (fixes available, though)! Most are minor, but a few others are major to the extent of being game-breaking. I strongly recommend installing the updates to avoid them.- The "interior design" mini-game. It's basically a very simplified version of Candy Crush. Not only is it highly repetitive, unchallenging, unskippable and hardly "interior designing", it also doesn't affect the story whatsoever. To me, it felt like padding and/or plain obligatory (since gameplay elements are thought to make visual novels "more sellable" to a Western audience).- The writing quality leaves a lot to be desired. Major events have little build up/foreshadowing so they feel out of the blue, if not just underwhelming. The characters have little development and are pretty flat. Complications are resolved really quickly and anticlimactically. There's a lot more "telling" than "showing"- while the interactions themselves weren't bad, the majority of things I learned about the characters were through the "info-dumpy" conversations.- There are far too many choices. I think I made something like 40 of them to reach a major ending. Not only were there a ton of choices (interrupting the flow of the story), but it's more like you branch out to directly reach endings rather than aim to get into an individual character's route (i.e. an individual character's "focused story") and then gun for particular endings. This approach made Love in the Glen more "film-like", but a fairly linear read in spite of the many choices. Occasionally, the choices didn't make much sense.- The linearity of the story reduces replay value. You're only replaying for several minutes' worth of new content- the endings- after the first major playthrough.- The low artistic quality. There are no CGs (event graphics). The backgrounds are unfiltered stock photos- even if some locations looked nice, it clashed with the anime-styled sprites. The actual sprites' drawing is passable, but they're unvaried in expressions and outfits; making them very static.. I really wanted to say I liked this visual novel but it just can't. The story to me was just too bland and the choices were almost always picking between two extremes. Maybe it was also weird because you play as a 30 something year old woman, or I went down a bad path but this game was definitely not for me.. Felt like a cast member on the OC… or a white Tyler Perry movie, your choice.Would be a white Tyler Perry cast member again.. This game was so disappointingly bad that I had to write a review about it. I was really hoping it would surprise me, but it really didn't. It just bored me. This isn't "fun bad" or "so bad its good." This is just bad.- All of the dialouge in this game is mundane and boring. Would you like to hear small talk for around an hour? No? Well that's what you'll get from this game, so buckle up! - Every character is either written poorly or do things that make no sense. Characters either bore you to death, talk about one subject and only one subject, and/or have no unique voice. The fact that your assistant tells you all about his dating preferences and how he likes "cougars" even if you don't follow his route is both stupid and highly inappropriate. If you don't follow his route, that comment just comes out of nowhere. Also, the fact you get a divorce from your husband just because he gets a job opportunity in Norway is just silly. It also makes, like, 90% of the dialouge at the beginning of the game super boring because all anyone talks about is the divorce.- It feels like characters have bad things happen to them out of nowhere. I'm not sure why Michael has to die if you lead him on. It adds nothing to the story and comes straight out of left field. I just don't get it. - The mini-game is pointless and lazy. There are no instructions. There is no fail-state. The game is pretty minimally animated, and there's a jarring transition going into and out of the game. I love a good match-3, and I love when VNs have some actual gameplay mechanics, but this changes nothing. There's no point in it being in the game. Honestly, this is not a good game. Just don't waste your time with it. Seriously.. Boring story line and you can't change the settings of your name, or even the volume or text speed. An absolute wasteof money.. Do i love it.. not really. But it demonstrates the regrets you have when you make a choice to take one path in life instead of another. Can you redeem yourself? I found in this game you aren't automatically pigeon holed into a story direction, which was not what i was expecting. There are some common options and settings which were missing, which is fine. There is however no auto read function which makes getting all the endings a bit tiresome. Well.. can Love in the Glen redeem itself.. I would say what it loses in in its artwork it makes up for with earnest storylines..!
Kayla Smith