Love & Cupids Winner Article
Published 10 months ago
Love & Cupids Winner Article
Love & Cupids Challenge has come to an end and we have some great games for you to enjoy in our Winners selection. With the theme of romance we were looking for changes to the game that reflected this as well as provided a fun experience in the playthrough.
So let us not delay and get into the selections and do not forget that if you want to play the games just click on the game image.

WINNER #1 - Valentine's Maze: The Heart of Hearts

Our first selected Winner for the Challenge is Valentine's Maze: The Heart of Hearts. This entry had a lot of interesting changes which included a handful of love themed items as well as changing the weapon to a little heart lollipop. What got our attention most was the interesting change to the level play through which saw us jumping from platform to platform trying to take down the robots. This was a lot of fun and we recommend everyone have a play.
Things we liked
  • Visual Changes
  • Use of many variations of Mods
  • Level design

WINNER #2 - Disco Tomb: Cloud Nine

Our second Winner spot goes to none other than Stefan who most of you might remember from previous challenges. In this entry there is now a fourth level for everyone to enjoy in the form of 'Cloud Nine'. This level has a lot of great visuals and changes to the weapon. The structure of the level is also interesting that poses quite a challenge for everyone to enjoy so go check it out.
Things we liked
  • Some story elements added
  • Great changes to the weapon
  • Great level design

WINNER #3 - Love Money

Our final Winner entry is another FPS Microgame submission which comes in the form of Love Money. This entry has a lot of interesting and challenging changes including the weapon, level structure as well as the enemies no longer being robots (we will let you play the game and see if you can spot them).
Things we liked
  • Changes to the weapon
  • Great use of Mods
  • Visuals
Thanks to everyone who submitted to the Love & Cupids Challenge and do not forget if you are interested in more Challenges of different variety you can check out the main CHALLENGE PAGE.

Happy Creating!

Andrew Donnell
Community Manager - Other