Louis Orkstrong "What A Wonderful WAAAAAAAGH!"
Animation work done for the Karoryfer Lecolds, based on other references orks. The models were made in Magica Voxel, rigging in Mixamo and the following assets were used:
  • Post Processing v 2.0 - (download via pam)
  • Polygon Desert Pack -
  • Aura - Volumetric Lighting -
  • Adam Interior Enviroment -
Softwares for Animation
Magica Voxel (voxel models) -
Mixamo (Rigging) -
For music Editing
- Camtasia Studio 9 and AviUtil.
FL Studio 12 to produce the track, and other than Marie Ork, the following instruments:
  • Karoryfer Samples Meatbass (free)
  • Karoryfer Samples Emilyguitar (free)
  • Karoryfer Samples String Cyborgs (free)
  • Ample Sound Ample Metal Eclipse (paid)
  • That Sound Hangar (paid)
  • Full Bucket Nabla (free)
Techinical Sheet:
Vocals by Marie Ork, a free voice bank for the Plogue Alter/Ego singing synth. You can download the voice bank for free from
or buy a physical edition and keychains from
Video edited by Kisa
Lyrics based on a Facebook post by Tony Otero
Audio effects: (all free except Eventide)
  • Eventide UltraChannel
  • TDR Kotelnikov
  • TAL-Dub 2
  • AXP Flextron
  • Ignite Amps SHB-1
  • Ignite Amps NadIR
  • Voxengo Harmonic GEQ
  • The Samplicity Bricasti M7 impulse response pack
  • Ampeg 8x10 impulse response of unknown origin.
Feel free to use this audio, or "Rondo Alla Dakka" for any orcish gameplay videos, memes or whatever - audio download links coming soon.
Manoel garcia
Game Designer/Artist - Educator